Unstable but delicious
Hello! Welcome to my tumblr!
I don't have a lot to say about myself.
I'm an aspiring animator.
I don't much care for my art but I try and I love listening to inspiring music!
There is nothing I hate more then biting into a burger or sandwich and finding a tomato. Bane of my existence.

p4manga (arena)  aigis


Im the friend that picks rainbow road

The only two I could find so far my Link Cosplay Debuted at SDCC 2014

Saw a Bee and Puppycat cosplay!!! 

Saw this awesome Tuls cosplay at San Diego Comic con 2014!

im still in a daze… …peter jackson said my name … . steVEN COLBERT SAID MY NAME

Now that I know the power of POWER tools and the end;ess possibilities with craft foam  want to make ALL THE COPLAYS 


"It’s all led up to this.."